As a high volume stand-alone dispenser, we propose THE 710 MODEL DISPENSING STATION  as a solution to your needs.

It is composed of :

  • a 710 model dispenser
  • a reservoir
  • a FE-71 gun and its nozzle
710 DISPENSING STATIONSeveral accessories such as a pistol hand grip, pistol grip attachment kit, semco kit, tank stand, short and long distance gun bearing, 3 axis gun fixation are available to offer you the maximum comfort according to your application requirements. 
Feel free to contact us to discuss the features of your station and its options.



Designed to stand-alone and for high volume use, the 710 model dispenser controls one or more Fusion FE-Series guns. The time and the pressure control are adjustable. It plugs all together with quick-connects for hose attachment.  Dim: W=375mm*D=146mm*H=76mm.


FE-71 GUN:

The FE-71 is a 2 air and pastes inlets dispensing gun that will allow you to precisely control the dispensed quantity over long cycles, making this gun the perfect accessory for your semi-manual production application. Our guns are also used on our automated soldering brazing machines due to their high reliability and repeatability capacity.  

Download here the gun technical drawing with part numbers(pdf format)

Figure 1 below- Compressed air from control panel is introduced to upper gun body, forcing circular piston and attached piston rod upward against coil spring, pressurized paste alloy (from reservoir) fills the vacant space between piston rod tip and nozzle orifice.

Figure 2 below- As timer de-energizes, compressed air is exhausted and coil spring returns the piston and rod to a closed position. Piston rod tip displaces paste alloy through nozzle orifice and seals opening until next cycle, precise deposit size is obtained by adjusting control panel timer, paste pressure and length of piston rod stroke.

The nozzle goes with the gun and attaches quickly to all manual or automatic applicator guns by means of a screw-on collar at its extremity.  We will determine together the inner diameter and length of the needle you will need. You have also the possible consideration of a multi-dot variation pattern style by increasing the number of needles usually 2 or 3 with a spacing between them we would determine together against the dispensing pattern you want to achieve. It also includes the possibility to get a blunt nose or extension for hard-to-reach joints. Machined from high-grade stainless steel, our standard orifice is .055" (No. 54 drill size). Optional sizes range from .041" to .136" inside diameter.
Designed for use with the 710 model dispenser type, these quick-loading reservoirs are sized to meet paste alloy needs for an entire production shift. All units are machined from high impact PVC to withstand continuous exposure to paste alloy fluxes and solvents. Quick connect air inlet, pressure gauge, pressure pop-off, valve, paste hose adapter, and mounting bracket are included. For best results,1/2 pint or larger reservoir should be installed with 18" hose of the applicator gun. Convenient gun mounted cartridge may be attached directly to the gun body for testing, short runs or quick changeover to a new paste alloy. Our reservoirs are available in 1/2 pint, 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 pints and even more if necessary. They can also feed different dispensers as a unique reservoir of big capacity. Please consult us to discuss the possible configurations according to your projects needs.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the features of your station and its options.