Copper-phosphorus brazing alloys are widely used in joining copper parts together in the air without flux. Those are self-fluxing thanks to the phosphorus content into those alloys. 

The addition of silver to copper-phosphorus improves ductility and electrical conductivity in the alloy and it reduces its melting range.

We recommend using a flux for copper based alloys such as bronze and brass.

Our POLYFLUX in powder and paste forms( low residues) as well as our EXCUFLUX (low residues) and our CCUSTFLUX (average residues) both in paste form are widely recommended to braze copper, brass, steel and stainless steel with our copper phosphorous alloys. Click here to consult our fluxes range.

We don't recommend using those alloys on ferrous or nickel based alloys or copper-nickel alloys.

Our alloys come in various forms (rod, wire, ring, preforms...). A flux integrated to the alloy or not will be necessary to prevent the reformulation of surface oxides on the base metals.

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