Dispentech was built on the foundation of years of experience in brazing/soldering. This experience has left us in a very well informed place, able to select the very best dispensing equipment for brazing/soldering pastes and fluxes, as well as the products themselves. 

Because we want to be confident about the right binding solution for you, it is to be expected that we have extended our brazing/soldering offerings to include a collectıon of only the top existing solid forms available on the market. 
Our passion for making the right dispensing solutions, and for providing the maximum level of comfort, stability and repeatability to a process, has heightened our interest in the peripheral devices and equipment that you would use with our pastes.
With this is mind, our interest has also arisen for fixtures and heating methods to provide a complete solution for your particular process.
At Dispentech, we like to test the quality and reliability of our carefully chosen products. With this in mind, we prefer to offer a smaller selection of the best products, rather than a large number of average or poor quality products. We're also able to help you with measuring your projects to help you choose the right items from our webstore.  
Don't hesitate to contact us and tell us more about your projects, so we can do everything we can to help you fulfil your goals. 
Enjoy your shopping! 
The Dispentech team