17 Gauge Precision General Purpose Tip Light Amber front


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This needle consists of a precision stainless-steel shaft with a double helix polypropylene hub. This premier line of dispensing needles is burr-free, and electro-polished shaft for unobstructed and consistent material flow and is suitable for dispensing most fluids, adhesives and solvents. They are certified silicone-free, chloride-free and industrial grade safe for use to 100 psi.

The tip features a tapered internal design where the shaft meets the hub to improve fluid flow and reduce any restriction. This allows for a lower pressure to be used for dispensing liquids and pastes. 

Use these tips for applying most liquids for high precision controlled dispensing.Tips are colour coded for gauge size Material: Polypropylene/ Stainless Steel.

Hub colour: Light Amber
ID: 0.041" - 1.04 mm
OD: 0.060" - 1.50 mm
Details: Industrial grade, Silicone Free