2.5oz Slotted Cartridge Retainer Body isometric
2.5oz Slotted Cartridge Retainer Body vertical


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75cc (2.5oz) size black aluminium cartridge retainer body.
Accepts all 2.5oz size plastic cartridges. Bayonet push and twist fitting to cap or gun handle.

This item is industrial grade safe up to 100 psi. It is used with pneumatic or manual cartridge guns as well as with bayonet air cap when on a bench stand.
The slots allow the plunger level in the cartridge to be visible during dispensing.

OD=1.70"(43mm), L= 4.00" ( 102mm)
Materials: Aluminium/ Steel/ Nylon
Colour: Black
Max Pressure: 100 PSI (6,89 bars)