30cc size clear syringe barrel horizontal
30cc size clear syringe barrel vertical
different sizes syringe barrels


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The 30cc dispensing syringe barrels are silicone and chloride- free and designed to work with dispensing equipment - either manually or on a pneumatic dispenser. The syringe barrels are made from low friction polypropylene to ensure accuracy, repeatability and productivity. They feature a double Helix Luer lock for secure dispense tip attachment.
To complete an assembly, the 30/55cc WHITE WIPER PISTON – DISPENTECH are available within our range for all barrel sizes as well as the ORANGE LUER LOCK TIP CAP – DISPENTECH or the ORANGE ROUND LUER LOCK TIP CAP – DISPENTECH possibly the 30cc/55cc CARTRIDGE END CAP – DISPENTECH and a CARTRIDGE ADAPTER DIS-211 – DISPENTECH to be used with a dispenser CARTRIDGE DISPENSERS – DISPENTECH

Material High Density Polypropylene (HDPP)
Volume Capacity 30cc (30ml)
OD=0.45" (25.27mm)
ID=0.38" (22.63mm)
L=2.981" (118.36mm)
Tip Hole Outlet Size 0.118" (3.00mm)
Color Natural (Clear)
Maximum operating pressure is 100 psi (6.9bar)