flux coated silver brazing rod

BRAZE30EF ø2,0x500 mm

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The BRAZE30EF is a high-quality,stable and regular silver brazing alloy in rod form with a silver content of 30%, It is excellent to fill-up gaps between parts or where you need a nice fillet. It is suitable for most of the metals to be jointed (steel, copper and copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys) but it is not suitable for aluminium and some of its alloys.  

It can be used on food and medical equipment and their equipment as it is a cadmium free alloy and it is also sold a lot in applications such as refrigeration, heat-exchangers and air-conditioning.

It is advised for continuous brazing. 

Melting Range: 665-755 °C

Composition: 30%Ag 36%Cu 32%Zn and 2%Sn

You can also find the characteristics of the BRAZE30EF on that page CADMIUM-FREE SILVER ALLOYS – DISPENTECH

Suitable for induction and flame oxy/propane or oxy/acetylene heating methods. 

You can request the safety and technical data sheets. Please ensure yourself that you always comply with safety procedures laid down at the workplace.

Our brazing materials are strictly regulated by the ISO1 17672 and EN 1044standards.

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