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Those flashback arrestors are a safety device mandatory in an flame station system where the brazing torch is not equipped of an anti-flare. 

Therefore, in case you purchase the TORCH N°0 FT-AF0 or the TORCH N°0 IT-AF0 from our range, you will need to equip your system of such a FLASHBACK ARRESTOR.

Please note, you will never use those FLASH BACK ARRESTORS with a torch equipped with an anti-flare.

This model is the quick couplings version to give you the easiness to connect and disconnect your bottles and gas regulators from the torch and hoses to easily move from a station to an other. 

It comes as a 2 pieces male and femelle fittings per gas type to ensure the quick coupling. So, it comes as a set of 2 male and femelle fittings, one for the Oxygen and one for the Acetylene systems.

Please note that those references are delivered with their adjustable brackets.