mini solder iron on its stand
Mini solder iron kit DIS-876
Mini solder iron kit DIS-876

Mini solder iron kit DIS-876

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This superior professional soldering iron has 5 multiple tips replacement. Additionally, it has a heat and impact resistant design of the screw thread, so the iron head is not easily dropped. Adjustable, it heats up quickly and works great. It is widely used for welding circuit board, appliance repair, home DIY hobbies, and jewellery welding. So light and compact, you can take it anywhere, and you will be able to find the tools you need in the carry bag.

The mini solder iron kit DIS-876 comes with soldering iron, desoldering pump, 5 multiple soldering tips, tin wire tube, soldering iron stand, tweezers, wire stripper cutter, 2 electronic wire.

Temperature from 200℃-450℃.
Electrical European plug. 220V 60W
Adjustable temperature desoldering