Red 10oz (310ml) cartridge flange cap seal LDPE front


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These cap seals provide an airtight seal at the wide end of the cartridge. Seals and Flange Caps are used to ensure retention of the plunger during shipping and storage. The quick attach and clip on to the cartridge provides an airtight seal at the flange.This push on cap is ideal for use when cartridges are filled with liquids and stored. They are made of low density polyethylene, and all cartridge components are silicone free and are re-usable. For top of 310ml (1/10 gallon or 10oz) sized cartridges only.Use with threaded tip cap to seal both sides of the cartridge

Material: Polyethylene LDPE
Colour: Red
Cartridge Sizes: Use with 10oz (310ml)
Diameter: 1.85"
Details: Industrial Grade Safe, Silicone Free